Harvest Working Weekend

February 11 – 12, 2012, 09:00 seminar

On February 11-12, Digital October held a Harvest Working Weekend. During these days, novice IT entrepreneurs had the opportunity to work on their startup at every stage: from drawing up an idea to the finished project.

What happened?

Together with experts and participants you was able to interest in your idea, and over the weekend you moved forward with work on your project. Specifically:

  • understanding what your product is;
  • understanding who your customer is and what your market is;
  • establishing a marketing, sales, and development strategy;
  • developing a tentative financial model;
  • practicing making presentations.

Helping you with these difficult tasks there were be special workshops and presentations, from which you could gain valuable knowledge that’s useful when building any startup.

We’re often asked what the most important thing at a Harvest is: lectures or working on your own project. We can answer with confidence that it’s your work on a project and interacting with experts! Of course, you are welcome to only attend the presentations, but we recommend taking an active part in the work. After all, even if you don’t have your own project, you can join a team you like and gain startup work experience.

So, you have three options for participating:

  • come with your own project––you must apply to do so;
  • join another project (and perhaps become its co-creator);
  • only come to the lectures.

You just have to choose!

The second question we’re most frequently asked is how to prepare. If you are not submitting your project, all you have to do is bring a laptop, charger, and preferably an extension cord (we will provide internet access). If you plan to submit your project, practice a two-minute presentation (without slides) that will persuade as many people as possible of your project’s potential. It’s important to talk about what problem you will solve, how big the market for your project is, and how you will conquer it. Don’t forget to indicate what kind of experts your project needs.

And as always, we are very grateful for those doing good in the development of technological entrepreneurship in Russia, including those who believe in and support us: Microsoft; the Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy, and Entrepreneurship; and the Russian Venture Company.


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