The Universe: Past and Future

December 16, 2014, 19:30 lecture

On December 16 the Digital October Center will host a lecture entitled “The Universe: Past and Future”. The event is part of Popular Lectures, a project put on by Popular Mechanics.

How do scientists think the universe may have developed at its earliest stages? When and why will it be clear what matter and space were like back then? What happened immediately after the Big Bang? What hypotheses are there about the future of the universe? How is dark energy related to the development of the universe? Those questions and many more will be discussed at the lecture.

Lecturer: Valery Rubakov, director of Neyrointellekt and the neuromorphic systems at the Kurchatov NanoBioInfoCogno Center

Tickets to the event cost 350 rubles.

Translated by Jared Firth.


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