Presentation “Tricolor Full HD”

July 24, 2012, 12:00 press conference


On June 24, in the Digital October center, one of the leaders of the Russian digital television market, Tricolor TV, announced the launch into commercial use of the Tricolor Full HD format.

The new offer Tricolor ТV corresponds to the standards formulated by the company seven years ago: the price and contents of the Tricolor Full HD set of channels will make it the most attractive offer on the Russian market.

The heads of the company discussed the new service in detail and unveiled their grand plans for Tricolor TV connected with the development of high-definition television in Russia in the next few years.

The following took part in the press conference:

  • General Director of Tricolor TV Alexander Makarov.
  • Content Director of Tricolor TV Yulia Shakhmanova.
  • Public Relations Director of Tricolor TV Anna Sopova.


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