Grand Premier of Ultra High Definition TV

June 27, 2013, 10:30 press conference


On June 27 digital TV operator Tricolor made the first ultra-high definition public satellite TV broadcast in Russian history, organizing a press conference at the Digital October Center to mark the event.

The event featured speeches by the following:

  • Toby Finch (major accounts director, Ericsson)
  • Igor Kotsarev (technical director, Tricolor TV)
  • Yulia Shakhmanova (content director, Tricolor TV)
  • Anna Sopova (chief communications officer, Tricolor TV)
  • Olga Popova (lead international marketing specialist, Eutelsat S.A.)
  • Fedor Strizhkov (vice president, Bridge Media Holding; general director, Russian Travel Guide TV)

The conversation touched on the prospects for UHDTV in Russia, its development abroad, and other changes awaiting domestic TV broadcasting in the coming years. The experts also introduced the technical characteristics of Ultra HD and answered questions from those in attendance.


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