Pre-New Year’s GreenfieldFeedback

December 25, 2013, 18:30

On December 25th, the GreenfieldProject team hosted a new mini-conference as part of its Feedback series at the Digital October Center. This time, the event focused on technological trends for the coming year.

Grigory Bakunov, Director of Spreading Technologies at Yandex and one of the hosts of “Radio-T”, acted as the event’s keynote speaker. At a similar event that took place nearly a year ago, he predicted that users would get used to switching back and forth between devices with no loss of time or content, that new services would begin to focus more and more on solving one very particular problem, and that the world would make the switch from browsers to app stores.

Now he looked back to see what has come true and what hasn’t, and to explain why. He also discussed the most significant trends for 2014: what markets to watch and which trends to follow.

After his presentation, a few young Russian teams from the hottest sectors of the coming year were invited up onstage. Event goers were able to offer them advice, criticism, and other valuable feedback.

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