Positive Hack Days: Recipes for Survival in Cyberspace. Day 1

May 21 – 22, 2014, 09:00

On May 21st-22nd, the Digital October Center will host the fourth annual international PHDays Forum, a major event in the field of digital security. In the past, this conference has attracted world-renowned IS and cryptography experts, politicians, and entrepreneurs.

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The event program will include business and technical seminars, presentations, discussions, and master classes on the most pressing Internet security issues and solutions, divided into two major sections: theoretical and practical.

Positive Hack Days will also be hosting a parallel, multi-format competition, a contest that will incorporate ‘capture-the-flag’ along with other methods to vividly demonstrate how to hack mobile gadgets, exploit the weaknesses of popular web browsers, and much more.

Presentations will be grouped according to the interests expressed by the professional community:

  • current trends in ICS security, mobile devices, and the Internet;
  • technologies that can be used either for monitoring or for maintaining anonymity;
  • where the line should be drawn between an individual citizen’s freedoms and the government’s right to self-defense.


As of now the first lecturers for PHDays have been set, including researchers, analysts, and specialists from the IT sphere.

Karsten Nohl, expert in data encryption, will talk about how to secure mobile networks from hacker attacks. Aditya Gupta, founder of the mobile security company Attify, will hold a seminar dedicated to the Android system for device security. Dave Chronister from Parameter Security will use his lecture, entitled “Give me your data!”, to get careless users to stop storing their important files in unreliable places.

PHDays will also see presentations by David Oswald (founder of Kasper & Oswald, Chair for Embedded Security at Ruhr-University Bochum), Jakub Kałużny (Senior IT Security Consultant at SecuRing), Vladimir Kochetkov (Security Researcher at Positive Technologies), Alexander Sverdlov (IT Security Officer at ProCredit Bank), Alexander Dmitrenko (Training Director at PentestIT), Ilya Kizhvatov (Senior Analyst at Riscure, a Dutch company), Mikhail Yegorov (researcher and programmer), and much more.

Paid registration is being held here, and tickets are limited.

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to attend the event in person, an interactive program is also in the works. By connecting your hackspace, club, or university to the Moscow location, you’ll be able to chat in real time with speakers, participate in online contests and even lead your own master classes.

You can address any questions you might have to Viktoria Alexeeva at VAlexeeva@ptsecurity.com.

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