#poSEEDelki with Leonid Bugayev

April 4, 2012, 18:30 seminar

On April 4th at Digital October hosted #poSEEDelki by GreenfieldProject. #poSEEDelki are informal meetings of IT-entrepreneurs at which everyone can share his idea with audience, interact with it and perhaps even find the people who think the same way. Moreover at the beginning of the event one of the leading Russian Internet experts delivers a speech, who shares his knowledge and experience, answers questions and gives useful advices.

The present #poSEEDelki took place thanks to the invention of microscope at 1590. As you know, microscope’s resolution makes it possible to see that is hidden from the eyes. You may ask, what’s the connection between microscopes and startups. It lies in the possibility to look at business through microscope. Leonid Bugayev is the one who knows how to do this.

Leonid Bugayev

Entrepreneur, specialist on mobile technologies and futurologist. For 15 years he’s been working in internet. Leonid Bugayev is creative director and the owner of Nordic Agency AB (Moscow – Stockholm). He started his career at Lebedev Studio. Leonid Bugayev took part in several startups creation, was concerned with creative and innovation at well-known advertising agencies (BTL and Digital spheres), he worked on a projects for Mars, JTI, Unilever, P&G, Danone, HP, Microsoft, Intel, Apple. Leonid Bugayev founded Academy of Experts, which started from the series of educational programs that were aimed to improve community’s attitude towards specialist on different subjects. On 2012 his book “Mobile Marketing: how to charge up your brand in mobile world” was published by Albina Publisher. In his free-time Leonid Bugayev consults top-managers, online business owners, helps startups in their growth and improves himself in extreme sports.

Leonid Bugayev’s lecture is “Business online under the microscope: practical advices to startuppers-millionaires”. He told about following aspects:

  • millions of money, users and problems at the example of Instagram’s 150 mln;
  • those who had fell but raised: ten startups history;
  • basic knowledge: theory, skills, start;
  • how would you spend money on startup (case study);
  • figures power in your projects;
  • gauge your own strength and strength of your team;
  • on what to earn? Nearest and far away trends;
  • moonwalking, cashflow and other essential words in startup dictionary;
  • monetization: service and products model.

After the speech participants had the opportunity to tell about their startup ideas and discuss it with others.


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