The first poSEEDelki of 2012: +100 for Leadership

January 18, 2012, 18:30 master class

#poSEEDelki is an informal meeting of IT entrepreneurs. On January 18, Oleg Kraus held a master class on “Innovation and Leadership: From Ideas to a Result”, followed by a discussion of participants’ ideas.

Oleg talked about how leadership helps achieve success in the IT business. Everyone knows that a startup founder has to master many skills: he must be able to be a technologist, a mover and shaker, and a good manager. However, there’s another role that’s often overlooked: the leader. A person’s competence, communication skills, and professionalism as a leader can make or break his future––and the future of his project.

Most often, projects are not killed by a weak technical component or an erroneous calculation of business rates. Many startups die in the idea stage, when their creators lack the ability to unite the people around them, infect them with a single idea, and formulate a vision for the project. In short, when leadership skills are lacking.

Oleg Kraus's master class helped fill knowledge gaps in the area of planning and implementing a project. Participants in the master class could learn how to:

  • form a comprehensive vision for their project;
  • clarify their role in it;
  • and understand how they need to improve themselves in order to achieve their stated goals.

After the master class, participants talked about their startup ideas and discussed them with colleagues.

Events organized by the GreenfieldProject are supported by the Russian Venture Company and the Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy, and Entrepreneurship.



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