September 5, 2012, 19:00 master class

On September 5, another #poSEEDelki from GreenfieldProject took place in the Digital October center. #poSEEDelki is an informal meeting of IT entrepreneurs during which anyone who so desires can share his experience with an audience, receive feedback from it, and possibly even find people who think similarly.

Many people think that brilliant idea appear only once in a century and only to people who have lucked out. But we know that if one head is good, two are better. Therefore, at these #poSEEDelks, we invite you to combine your efforts and merge into a single stream of creativity that bears the name of Ideation.

The volume of knowledge and quantity of ideas that you will take with yourself will depend not on the speaker, the GreenfieldProject team, or anyone else, but exclusively on your ability to heed the opinions of others and work in a team.

The format of Ideation is that the participants split up into several groups. Each group splits up into teams. The number of teams must be equal to the number of people with ideas in a given group. A flip chart is issued to each person with an idea. In the course of a short period of time, he describes his idea on a piece of paper, explains it to the members of his team, and works on the idea alongside them, recording the suggestions and ideas that appear while they are working.

After sometime, the team moves on to the next flip chart. One moderator stays with each flip chart, who explains what the idea consists in and what was thought up in the course of previous brainstorms to the team that has just come up to his flip chart. This movement from board to board continues until the person who thought up the idea returns to where it is described. At the end, he needs to take a look at how it has been transformed and glean what is most valuable from the suggestions that were born during the work of other teams.

The event took place with the support of the Russian Venture Company and the Department of Science, Industry, and Entrepreneurship of the City of Moscow.


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