#poSEEDelki with Alexei Sidnev

November 8, 2011, 19:30 seminar

On November 8th, the Digital October Center hosted an informal meeting of young entrepreneurs with Alexei Sidnev, a specialist in construction companies, anti-crisis management, and growing startups. The main topic of the evening was whether to leave a good job to work at a startup. Alexei knows the question firsthand, as in 2007 he left a successful career at a major international company to start freewheeling and work on his own projects.

At the meeting with young entrepreneurs, Alexei talked about:

  • What life after a big company is like;
  • Why people give up a successful career to start their own business;
  • How ending a corporate career will impact your resume;
  • How to prepare for your departure;
  • How to leave (or stay).

After the presentation, attendees were able to ask Alexei questions, interact with colleagues, and share their own experiences.

The second half of #poSEEDelki was, as usual, dedicated to participant ideas. If you have an idea for a project, #PoSEEDelki is a great place to discuss it with colleagues, hear criticism, and receive constructive suggestions.

Find out more about Alexei Sidnev and the #poSEEDelki project online at the Greenfield Project website.


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