Playkey: Welcome to the Cloud

June 4, 2014, 13:00 presentation

What makes the new resource Playkey so special is the unique technologies that it employs: its games start up in the cloud, a network of remote data centers, while its users are presented with adaptive video stream broadcasts.  The company releases streaming video games that are compatible with all major devices: tablets, STB, PC, Smart TV – and, of course, they have games for devices running on Mac OS as well.  

Cloud technology makes life easier for its users. Gamers can play on any device in any location – all they need is an Internet connection. To use Playkey, all you need is a download speed of 5 megabits/second, which is standard for most Internet providers.

During this presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • test out the new service on STB, PC, and Mac;
  • talk to the Playkey team; experts will discuss the new opportunities that have been made available to gamers, as well as the producers and distributers of gaming content.


Don’t forget that registration is required. You can find more information on the event and its presenters here.

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