Open Government: an introduction to open source journalism

April 24, 2013, 15:00 seminar

On April 24 at the facility and with the support of the Digital October Center the Open Government Project held its first seminar devoted to open journalism. The discussion focused on the step by step dissemination of massive amounts of data from 40 Russian governmental departments, whether or not the media is able to handle analyzing that information, and the applied aspects of working with open source information.

Guests of the event enjoyed lectures by:

  • Ekaterina Aksenova (open government expert and author of the blog), who spoke about how open government journalism was born, sharing examples of interesting Russian projects in this area
  • Alexander Malyutin (formerly the head editor of Izvestiа and Marker), who presented Rybo, his judicial search engine, and demonstrated searches for government purchases and patents as well as judicial contact lists
  • Rinat Safin (head of Google’s Moscow search quality team), who discussed how Google’s advanced search settings can assist in more difficult searches, also showing the Knowledge Graph and Google Public Explorer, both tools for working with large amounts of data
  • Ivan Sleptsov (head editor of, who spoke about how to search in different instances for information regarding pertinent judicial processes using the court database when a basic search doesn’t yield results or the decision is not available in the database
  • Forbes columnist Boris Grozovsky, who explained how to use open source data in investigative journalism

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