Oracle Partner Day 2015


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Important February 19, 2015

Entrepreneurial Event Sponsored by IE Business School and ICEX, the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade

Graduates of the IE Business School will gather at the Digital October press center to share their experiences founding and running businesses in various countries across the world. We will discuss the importance of education, trends in the Russian business sector, business partnerships, and financial indicators. 

Important February 4, 2015

Eighth Annual Fight Against Cancer Forum

On February 4th, the Digital October Center will play host to the eighth annual “Fight Against Cancer” forum. 

Important December 1, 2014

Analyze This: Big Data in Education

On December 1st, the Digital October Center will play host to an open lecture and live link-up entitled, “Analyze This: Big Data in Education”, which will be delivered by Charlie Harrington, leader of Knewton’s London headquarters.

Important November 11, 2014

Open Day New Professions Lab

On November 11 Digital October will host Open Doors Day, put on by New Professions Lab. 

Important October 18, 2014


On October 18th, the Digital October Center played host to the second day of Edcrunch, the international conference for new educational technologies. This conference was the first large-scale event aimed at combining the worlds of IT and education.

Important October 10, 2014

Silicon Valley Meets Russia 2014

On October 10th, the Digital October Center played host to the second annual international Silicon Valley Meets Russia Conference, which is dedicated to issues related to venture capitalism, the founding and development of high tech companies, and investment strategies.

Important September 17, 2014

Equifax Infoday

On September 17th, the Digital October Center will play host to the latest Equifax Infoday Business Conference. This conference will focus on drivers of growth and threats to the retail lending market in times of economic instability. 

Important June 26, 2014 Innovative Forum and Festival

On June 26th and 27th, the Digital October Center will host an event featuring presentations from 125 experts and innovators in the fields of IT, finance, design, publishing, and advertising, as well as many others. Together, they’ll attempt to answer the question, “What’s in store for the world of tomorrow?”

Important June 10, 2014

Red Hat Forum Comes to Moscow

Red Hat Inc., a company that specializes in open source software solutions, will host a series of events in cities throughout Europe and the Middle East from June 3rd-25th, 2014.

Important June 3, 2014

Autodesk BIM Congress: Transport Infrastructure

The Autodesk Congress will be related to the transport industry.

Important May 22, 2014

PHDays 2014: Day 2

On May 22nd the fourth annual international PHDays Forum will continue at the Digital October Center. You may watch translation from the Conference hall here, on the main page. For translations from the other halls you need to go to the page of this event on our website.


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