Optimization 2016

December 1 – 2, 2016, 10:00 conference

On December 1-2, on the conference Optimization 2016 representatives of Yandex, Google and Mail.ru Group will talk about the future innovations of search engines. The event will take place at the Digital October center and will bring together more than 50 speakers in the field of SEO and Internet marketing.

The conference will feature

  • A roundtable discussion with the representatives of these companies. Topic: “How to change the search results, and how the number of mobile users will increase. Igor Ashmanov will be the moderator of the roundtable.
  • Speech specialists of large companies, who will explain — how SEO departments are organized on large projects, how to construct business processes, what tasks are given to employees and how to measure the effectiveness of the work.
  • Reports on the current labor market situation: what is required to become a specialist in internet marketing, how hunting affects the salary level, from where come people in digital and where they go.
  • Expert presentations on usability and web analytics. The main topics will be, how to measure the effectiveness of e-work money in order to improve the website for potential customers, and to find those who did not commit the transaction and return.

The hosts of the event

Moderators are: Denis Shubinak ("Ashmanov and partners"), Ilya Nikulin("Tekart"), Vitaly Shapoval (independent expert), Anton Krohmalyuk (Mobio), Sergey Lyudkevych (independent expert), Alexander Pavlov (CubeLine Agency) and others.

The cost of participation in the event until the end of October — 16 000 rubles. The price includes participation in all the events of the conference, food and information materials. Participants will receive a printed collection of articles on selected conference papers.

To use the 10% discount, register and enter the promo code OPT16DO in the personal Cabinet.

Registration for the conference on the official website.

You can follow the news of the event on social networks Facebook or Vkontakte.
For information or cooperation please contact pr@optimization.rupr@optimization.ru.


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