An Online Presentation of a New Version of 1C-Bitrix: A Corporate Portal and the Bitrix24 Service

November 28, 2012, 11:00 presentation


On November 28, the company 1С-Bitrix held an online presentation of the new version of its product 1С-Bitrix: A Corporate Portal 12.0 and the Bitrix24 cloud service.

In the new version, users of Bitrix24 and 1С-Bitrix: A Corporate Portal able to work with the cellular application in iOS and Android. The application have the ability to manage tasks and work with files.

1С-Bitrix is also presented a new version of a desktop application with an improved interface for Windows and Mac OS.

In the new version of 1С-Bitrix: A Corporate Portal, the CRM has been strengthened. This instrument is now not only convenient for reference transactions, but also for carrying out sales of communications systems with partners. A manager able to do all of his work in one program: to see what has been planned for the day, view and edit transactions, and carry out correspondence and telephone conversations with clients.

The program includes convenient and quick interfaces for viewing and editing transactions, contacts, and companies that have been supplemented with ways of working with email directly in the CRM.

Another plus of version 12.0 is a new element for employee motivation: “awards.” Coworkers able to thank one another by handing out and collecting “badges.” A boss able to encourage a subordinate by picking out a “badge” for him — a token that will immediately add to his “capital,” while everyone in the company will know that he has worked better than everyone else.

These are not all the improvements that were discussed in the online presentation by the general director of 1С-Bitrix, Sergei Ryzhikov.

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