Habrahabr IT-Community Educational Seminar

March 7, 2012, 15:00 seminar

On March 7 Digital October hosted the educational seminar by the founders of the IT-community Habrahabr. Oriented on the clients the seminar gave detailed information about Habrahabr.

The event gave the opportunity to know about:

  • Habrahabr and its audience;
  • principles of its operation and basis project’s mechanisms;
  • ways and special features of the corporative blogs keeping;
  • details of articles analyses and statistics gathering;
  • secrets of articles formatting and publishing;
  • ways of the interaction with users;
  • obscure but effective and efficient features;
  • typical errors at the site and means of their correction.

Moreover, the most interesting, unusual and unsuccessful cases corporative cases were examined. Habrahabr founders told a lot of funny stories of the project’s life. And many other things…


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