A New Approach to Managing Business Processes

October 19, 2012, 15:00 discussion

On October 19, a discussion on the subject “A New Approach to Managing Business Processes” took place in the Digital October center.

How can an organization’s existing business processes be organized? What kinds of platforms and technologies can be used? What problems are encountered by heads of mid-sized and large business? How can a transition be made to a new qualitative level of management? These and other subjects were considered by the participants in the discussion.

The following people have been invited to participate in the discussion:

  • Maxim Nalsky — founder of Papirus.net and IT entrepreneur (creator of the companies PKO, FinGrad, GlowByte, and others).
  • Yulia Aksenova — head of the division of internal control of Sovkombank.
  • Alexei Gostomelsky — general director of the RAS Center of Technology Transfer and Rosnano.


At the event, a new Russo-American system of business communication, Papirus.net, was presented, which allows the carrying out of set tasks to be delegated, discussed, and tracked. Papirus.net provides its services using the SaaS model. In two years of beta-testing, 14 thousand users have hooked up to the service, of whom 40% use it in organizations with a number of employees greater than 100. In fall of 2012, Papirus.net announced that it was beginning commercial activity in Russia.


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