Not Pecha Kucha LiveJournal

November 19, 2011, 01:00

Not Pecha Kucha LiveJournal was the name of a meeting of Russian LiveJournal bloggers held November 19th at Digital October.

In the words of new SUP head Ilya Dronov, who led the meeting with blogger Evgeny Eremeyev, “The Pecha Kucha format is a new type of informal dialogue in Japan, where the speaker delivers a presentation with 20 slides, each of which changes after 20 seconds. That means the presentation is limited to six minutes and 40 seconds. Presentations follow one after another. There are usually around eight to twelve of them.”

At the meeting, new developments planned for LiveJournal in 2012 were announced to LJ users: a modified design, the use of AJAX technologies, a new rating system, and a standard delayed posting function. Bloggers who attended the event have posted detailed photo reports and described how it went. Read about participants’ experiences at:


The photos in our gallery were taken by bloggers the-kovboy, e-format, rozhko, aspix.


photo gallery

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