Nancy Abrams. Think cosmically, act globally, eat locally

September 26, 2012, 20:00 lecture


On September 26, in the Digital October center, in the framework of the Knowledge Stream project, a lecture by the American philosopher and cosmologist Nancy Abrams took place. She presented a new view on the place of humanity in the universe that may unite us all around finding a solution to global problems.

Nancy Abrams’ education is in the areas of history, philosophy, and law. Her scientific interests include the problem of how modern science and politics interact. Nancy is the author of numerous articles and several books. In particular, she has written the books The View from the Center of the Universe (2006) and The New Universe and the Human Future (2011) along with the famous cosmologist Joel Primack.

Nancy Abrams holds that humanity needs to solve global problems, for otherwise history will end very soon. In her opinion, science has created enough tools for such problems to be combated. However, humanity is ignoring them through a lack of motivation or contradictions with religion. Only small groups of enthusiasts are concerned with global challenges.

Nancy Abrams suggests looking at the universe and humanity in a new way. In her view, a new self-identification – the understanding of oneself as a unique result of evolution and the main outcome of the development of the Universe – can become the main motivation for people.

According to many parameters, humanity is in the metaphysical “center” of the universe. His size is average among the objects of the universe, occupying a position between space and the Planck constant. Moreover, human civilization exists in the middle of the astronomical life of the Solar System. In addition, according to Nancy Abrams, humanity is composed of the rarest material in the universe – “stardust” – the atoms of the matter to which we are accustomed, which make up only 0.001% of the Universe’s total volume, if dark energy and dark matter are considered.

Abrams believes that our generation is in a very favorable position, insofar as it has a scientific explanation of what is going on in the universe and the tools for solving all problems. The understanding of the uniqueness of humanity can become the center of a new, scientifically-based worldview that will unite all people and help preserve the planet for future generations. In her lecture, Nancy Abrams spoke in detail about her view of the evolution of the universe and humanity’s place in the world.


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