The Brain: Sex and Love

December 9, 2014, 19:30 lecture

On December 9th, the Digital October Center will play host to a lecture entitled, “The Brain: Sex and Love” as part of the Popular Lectorium project sponsored by Popular Mechanics.

How long ago did sexual reproduction appear and why is it necessary? Males and females: what’s the difference? What role do genes and hormones play in the creation of sex and gender orientation in the brain? What factors motivate sexual behavior and control libido? What are pheromones? Which centers of the brain become active during sex? What does love do to the nervous system? What about oxytocin and testosterone? Sexual imprinting: how does lifelong faithfulness form?

Speaker: Vyacheslav Dubynin, Ph.D. in Biology, Professor in the Department of Human and Animal Physiology at the Biology Faculty of Moscow State University.

This is a paid event. Admission: 350 rubles.


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