The Brain: Why do we want to be like everyone else?

March 3, 2015, 19:30 lecture

On March 3rd, the Digital October Center will host the latest installment in its Popular Lectorium series. Vyacheslav Dubynin will explain why living things copy one another’s behavior so frequently.

Why are we so eager to “ape” and “parrot” others? Why do we imitate our playmates, our parents, the heroes of films and commercials? Why do most of us get upset when we see others suffering, and why do other people’s successes make some people happy? Why do some people elicit our sympathy while others do not? How do empathy and compassion manifest themselves in animals? What makes these emotions so important for evolution and the everyday life of an individual? The lecture will address these issues, along with many more.

Speaker: Vyacheslav Dubynin, Professor in the Department of Human and Animal Physiology at the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University, Ph.D. in Biology

This is a paid event. Admission will be 350 rubles. Tickets will be available directly before the lecture.


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