MBLT13: An Inside Look into Mobile Technology in Business

May 15, 2013, 10:00 conference

MBLT, an annual international mobile conference, was held on May 15th at the Digital October Center. The conference, titled “Mobile Trends and Challenges: Reshaping the World,” featured mobile business solutions.

American, European and Russian experts discussed case studies on mobile technology applications that have changed user habits and behavior using examples from medicine, exercise, music, security, “smart cities,” banking, etc. These discussions focused on upcoming steps in the development of mobile electronics and the global mobilization movement, though the featured guests also used the time to share their own companies’ local and international plans.

The following experts have confirmed their attendance:

  • Keith Teare, cofounder of TechCrunch and founder of just.me (US)
  • Charles Birnbaum, Director of Mobil and International Development at Foursquare (US)
  • Matteo Penzo, Technology Director at Frog Design Inc. (IT)
  • Harri Koponen, Executive Vice President of ROVIO Mobile Ltd. (FIN)
  • Florian Meissner, cofounder of EyeEm (DE)
  • Ciara Byrne, tech strategist and journalist at VentureBeat (NL)
  • Rory Kenny, Director of Mobile Partnerships at TripAdvisor (UK)
  • Harald Neidhardt, cofounder and Marketing Director of Smaato (DE)

The MBLT program included eight consecutive sessions. Guests of the event learned which new business models are worth keeping an eye on, whether or not mobile banks will eliminate physical ones, and what role Google will have in all of this. They also attended lectures about security featuring iOS and Android specialists and presentations on getting in tune with one’s audience and when smartphones will revolutionize the tourism industry.

Scheduling details can be found here.

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