Mike Michalowicz: In Pumpkin Plan We Trust

March 19, 2013, 20:00 lecture


On March 19, Mike Michalowicz – a businessman who doesn't know what the word "failure" means, will speak by telebridge to Russian entrepreneurs, as well as to those who are only thinking about starting a business.

Mike Michalowicz is only 41 years old, but he has already managed to create three companies, each million dollars worth, and to find his place in business as Provendus Group CEO. He was a columnist for The Wall Street Journal, and gave lectures at Harvard, Princeton, and even at the eBay headquaters. Every month he takes part in the launch of a new startup, and has 29 thousand subscribers in Twitter.

His lecture as part of the Knowledge Stream project will be a great aid for those who are eager to launch a project with limited resources. Mike will compare startup enthusiasts with farmers and talk about a range of "steps" one should follow if he wants to "grow" something valuable in business.

The speaker will also explain why revenue and the number of employees in a company are not the most important things during division of the market and will provide cases of solving the problems of entrepreneurs from his own practice.

An online broadcast of the event will also be arranged for anyone interested on the websites http://digitaloctober.com/ and http://knowledgestream.ru/, as will a selection of questions to the speaker on Twitter-hashtag #knowledgestream.

For all issues, address the lecture manager, Anna Glotova: anna.glotova@digitaloctober.com.


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