HR&Trainings EXPO 2012 workshops

September 18, 2012, 10:00 master class

On September 18, in the Digital October center, the HR&Trainings EXPO 2012 series of preliminary seminars, exhibitions, and conferences were held in the Digital October centerFive mini training sessions and three workshops for specialists in human-resource management were part of the event’s program.

Each workshop took place in a discussion format with three experts who have achieved success in the area of HR. They shared their experience and talked about the turning points of their careers.

With the help of an experienced moderator, people who participate in the conversation were able to discuss problems that concern them with experts and colleagues. During the seminars, they learned answers to many questions of human-resource management---how can a system of motivating coworkers be built? How can work with an organization’s personnel pool be organized? How can you convince colleagues and the leadership that you are in the right?

Schedule of workshops:



A more detailed program of the event can be seen here.


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