Workshop with Nathan Blecharczyk

February 9, 2012, 19:00 master class


Who would fly to Moscow in this weather? Nathan Blecharczyk, he's the one!

Yes, on the cold winter evening of February 9, Nathan Blecharczyk (pictured), one of the founders of Airbnb (Air bed and breakfast), came to Digital October.

Spoiler alert!

Airbnb helps you rent a house, apartment, or room in any place where there are houses, apartments, or rooms. An open marketplace for a place to stay, much like couchsurfing, except for the money. By advertising on the Airbnb website, you can find a home (a castle, coastal villa, houseboat, or geodesic dome) for the duration of your trip, or rent your own apartment out to other travelers. The booking process doesn’t involve any travel agents, realtors, or other outside people––the only intermediary is Airbnb itself, which arranges communication between users and ensures the safe and timely receipt of payment for owners.

Airbnb is incredibly good––according to The Wall Street Journal, the company is valued at more than $1 billion.

Nathan is also incredibly good––according to Airbnb, he’s young, handsome, and the chief technical architect. He directs a team of slightly less senior engineers who develop the platform for the Airbnb website. Nathan told the audience about how to use design and code to create a convenient service for users around the world, attract investors and clients, and resolve security issues.

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