A Master Class by Bob Dorf, “How to Become an Entrepreneur: 12 Steps”

December 20, 2012, 19:00 master class


On December 20, a master class by Bob Dorf, coauthor of the book The Startup Owner's Manual, was held at Digital October. The service Time2Market and the Russian Venture Company are the organizers of the conference.

In his talk, Bob Dorf spoke about the 12 steps that entrepreneurs go through on the way to creating a startup. Audience was able to

  • learn what is needed to launch a startup;
  • learn how to evaluate the attractiveness of an idea;
  • understand out of what elements a business model of a company is constricted and how to create a product;
  • learn about the methods of testing a business model and about variants of attracting financing.


Bob Dorf is an experienced entrepreneur who has taken part in more than 20 startups, investing resources into them and providing consulting for them on questions of attracting clients and working out a marketing strategy. He also actively provides consulting for large companies and nonprofit civic organizations.

Bob Dorf made a significant contribution to the development of the world-famous notion of Customer Development. At the present time, he gives recommendations to the residents of several incubators, in particular Skolkovo, and teaches at the Columbia Business School.

In March 2012, Bob Dorf, along with the well-known businessman Steve Blank, published the book The Startup Owner's Manual. This is a true encyclopedia for all entrepreneurs that discloses the secret of startup success.

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