Workshop by Alexei Kapterev

November 22, 2011, 20:30 master class


Alexei Kapterev, one of the world’s leading experts on presentations, run a workshop entitled "Great Presentations for Global Audiences" on November 22nd at the Digital October Center. Alexei is the author of a new book Presentation Secrets (in English), published in September 2011 by John Wiley & Sons. The workshop is supported by Bricolage, an early stage IT venture fund of Digital October.

Alexei Kapterev teaches at the Graduate School of Business Administration (Moscow State University). His presentation Death by Powerpoint, had more than one and a half million views online, all with no advertising or promotion.

Alexei outlined his successful tactics for planning, producing, and presenting memorable and unique presentations; shared his insight, wisdom, and adviced with impressive clarity and detail, covering the three main components required to a presentation: storyline design, slide design, and delivery.

Those who could not attend are invited to watch broadcast on our website.


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