Manfred Kircher. Bioeconomy. Plastic made of sugar

November 9, 2011, 19:30 lecture


on November 9th at Digital October Manfred Kircher delivered a lecture on “BioEconomy: Plastic Made from Sugar”. The lecture was part of the “Biotechnology” series of the Knowledge Stream project(you can read about the Project’s previous lecture here).

Using renewable energy sources is one of the most discussed issues of the twenty-first century. Why is there such a great need to create new materials and bioactive products from reprocessed raw materials? What are the processes agro-industrial raw materials go through before reaching the consumer market? How do you engineer efficient production and what is needed to make biotech projects commercially successful? Professor Kircher and Russian experts invited to the lecture discussed these and other questions.

Professor Manfred Kircher is chairman of the board of German biotech cluster CLIB2021. He has conducted research in the fields of bioindustry and bioeconomics for over 25 years. In the past, Professor Kircher was in charge of biotech project development at Degussa AG (one of the world’s largest chemical companies) and managed Degussa AG’s investment in the corporation Burrill & Company. In the past few years, he’s been responsible for strategy development of the science and business center at biotechnology company Evonik Industries.

The lecture took place via teleconference, in English with simultaneous translation. Afterwards, a round table was held in Digital October’s conference hall with leading Russian biotech experts.

A live broadcast is available on our website.

To continue the discussion online, use the Twitter hashtag #knowledgestream during the event.

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