“Lyublya: Office Love,” a Theater Club Play

October 29, 2011, 20:00 play

On September 29th, a Theater Club presented at Digital October Center the highly lyrical performance, “Lyublya: Office Love.” The play’s storyline brings together works by contemporary Russian poets Timur Kibirov, Andrei Orlov (Orlushi), Dmitry Bykov, Ekaterina Gorbovskaya, Igor Irteniev, Elena Isaeva, and others. Retaining the style and vocabulary of each author, the play’s characters talk, shout, cry, and mock the theme of love, not holding back with their words or emotions.

The authors of the play haven’t just translated contemporary poetry into the language of drama, putting the touching and funny, good and evil, brutal and tender poetry of very different poets into the mouths of the characters. They have refashioned the classical non-reparatory theater into an unusual theatrical and poetic idea: a theater club with the participation of professional dramatic actors.

Learn more about the subject and the show’s creators, read reviews, and view the schedule on the project’s official website: www.officelove.ru.

Director-Producer: Dmitry Izmestiev. Cast: Yulia Peresild, Ramil Iksander, Svetlana Bogatskaya, Dmitry Miller, Anatoly Pashinin, Pavel Sborshchikov, Dmitry Izmestiev, Dennis Sarayin, and Yuri Tkhagalegov.


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