Lecture and Discussion: “What are Infographics?”

April 14, 2014, 19:30 seminar

The Infographer.ru team has decided to launch its own line of training programs devoted to the art of visualizing data. The first lecture and discussion dedicated to the finer points of infographic communications will take place at the Digital October Center on April 14th.

Maxim Gorbachevskiy and Maxim Gorchakov will debunk a couple of myths, analyze a few real-life examples, and:

  • take you on a guided tour of the history of information design and explain what does and does not count as an infographic,
  • discuss the different types of and applications for infographics (for example, in communications companies: PR, HR, IR, GR),
  • and explain their theory simply, clearly, and vividly: how and where to begin creating infographics, what kind of possibilities they offer, and so forth.


This lecture is not just for designers!

This is a ticketed event. Admission costs 1500 rubles. You can register and pay for your participation here.

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