Launch48 Weekend: hackathon to a million!

November 15 – 17, 2013, 18:00

On November 15-17, API Moscow ran Launch48, the first Russian hackathon. Its format was created by Oxygen Accelerator for smart mobile and web developers, designers, and marketing, PR, and other specialists, with participation assuming that the participants already had an idea of the service.

The participants of the Moscow event were offered the chance to go through an interesting experience: either make peace with the fact that there are ideas more attractive than their own or get people fired up about their ideas and get them on board!

Then they worked on prototyping along with experts from Dream Industries, Yam Labs, Launch Weekend, and Oxygen; sat through useful courses on business modeling; and got together a team of professionals for the future development of their projects.


The prize for event participants amounted to 20,000 pounds: pre-paid versions and offers for useful tools and services for start-ups as well as other prizes.

Team mentors at the hackathon

IT experts:

Anna Guncheva: product manager with extensive experience managing site and mobile app development projects, as well as an entrepreneur. During work at Lebedev Studio she took part in the creation of very different services, from interactive books to social networks.

Roman Kutanov: developer and serial entrepreneur, and the current CTO of Campaigner, a quick release service for brand apps. He is one of the founders and the former technical director of Skillopedia and

Marketing and promotion experts:

Maxim Usubyan: cofounder and CEO at Campaigner with 13 years of experience in marketing. He began as a marketing director of a subdivision of Rusal, worked at digital communications agencies, and was the advertising director at Afisha.

Michael Geer: COO at Dream Industries (T&P, Zvooq, etc.) and consultant at several beginning projects. He understands very well how to provide for the viral growth of projects, something he learned at Badoo, where he began his career in IT. That project grew from scratch to include 70 million users.

Dmitry Goroshkov: product manager at Yam Labs (Powerbot for Evernote) with strong competencies in UX and analytics. He worked on the development of Skillopedia and Kanobu, and was a cofounder at

Design and usability experts:

Fyodor Aksyonov: designer and usability specialist who has developed social games and dating services, while today he is developing his own e-commerce project. He will show you how UX methodology can help take a project along the path from business objectives to users to scenarios to functionality to interfaces to viral growth to analytics to metrics to profit.

Artyem Geller: expert in information design and architecture and experienced art and creative director. He is also the organizer of Design Weekend, a series of educational camps around Russia, and the director of AG Lab.

Albert Patrashku: art director at Grape, an interactive communications agency. In his nine years in the industry his mobile and web projects have earned 14 awards at different design and advertising festivals.

API Moscow is the Moscow Technology Incubation Program’s first IT startup accelerator facility. Its goal is to assist in the development of innovative companies, venture funds, and educational IT companies in Moscow. The portfolio companies of accredited program partners (Russian and foreign investors, incubators, etc.) will be hosted at API Moscow, where they will be offered educational products, including seminars and courses on a variety of aspects of tech entrepreneurship.

API Moscow was founded by the Moscow Centre of Innovative Development with the support of the Moscow Department of Sciences, Industrial Policy, and Entrepreneurship at the Digital October Center of New Technology and Tech Entrepreneurship.


Day 1 November 15

18:00 - 19:00


19:00 - 22:00


Day 2 November 16

09:00 - 10:00

Business Model Canvas Presentation

10:00 - 13:00


13:00 - 22:00

Working on your project

Day 3 November 17

09:00 - 10:00

Continue working

10:00 - 22:00

Work with experts and final presentations


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