La Conference Luxe & Digital

April 5 – 13, 2012, 09:00 conference


One day to understand the digital ecosystem around Luxury and Fashion.

On 5th of April 2012, Moscow's leading private tech hub Digital October and Paris' HUBFORUM gathered 40 Speakers, 50 journalists and over 300 French, American and Russian experts in digital, luxury, and fashion to discuss the latest trends in promotion of luxury brands, and challenges in positioning luxury technologies.

The conference opened with the overview of the Russian digital luxury landscape, with Tatyana Khandurova (comScore) presenting hard data about the online luxury consumption in Russia, and Chris Steven (VigodaVip) sharing his experience of servicing the Russian luxury market.

The first segment of La Conference was dedicated to fashion. Alexander Shumsky (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia) told the audience how the Fashion Week Russia is using the latest technologies in advertising and marketing, and also broadcasting the event to widen the audience without compromising the status of the show.

Alison Lewis (Agent of Presence) demonstrated new technologies she is using to make the next generation of fashion: dress that lights up to the heart beat, accessories that change color depending on the mood, jewelry with Wi-Fi access. She is positive that the future of high fashion depends on the new materials and new approaches to using technologies and design.

Oleg Naumov (KupiLuxe) shared his data on the primary market for upscale brands selling online. Nicolas Chemla (TBWA) presented his view on technologies not as an instrument, but as a new business model and the new culture.

In the session on digital entertainment, Katerina Markov (Universal Music), Alexander Shulgin ( and Annina Svensson (Spotify France) discussed the newest trends in promoting global and local entertainment brands.

The beauty session started with the presentation by Georges-Edouard Dias (L'Oreal). He illustrated how the company uses digital marketing and social networks to achieve viral effect in selling products online. The company cherishes its relations with the fans of its 27 brands, because these people's support is critical to promoting the company online.

Vladimir Dolgov (Google Russia) proposed an unexpected view on luxury. In his view, luxury is an opportunity that we can now enjoy due to the newest technologies. For example, Google now offers a chance to virtually browse works of art in 151 museums in 40 countries all over the world.

Anna Shashlova (Axel Springer) brought to view the problems that global luxury brands are facing when they approach the Russian online media. Those challenges primarily include the language barrier, lack of clear metrics of online advertising, and long approval process for any changes made to the campaign.

In the media and communications segment, Frederic Wickler (JWT Paris) shared his twofold view on the role of technologies in the luxury market: technologies make the fantasies happen, and open the access to new information. Consumers can personalize luxury products using the simple tools in the online store. Personalization and social component are the newest breakthrough the luxury brands enjoy due to new media.

Nicolas Halftermeyer (Parrot) demonstrated several high-end products of the company (AR.Drone, wireless headsets and wireless speakers) and shared his frustration in the challenges they are facing in the Russian market. Although the products have a proved track record in numerous other markets, the Russian market seems irresponsive to the traditional ways the company uses to promote its products.

Marketing and e-commerce section featured Vladimir Kholyaznikov (KupiVip), Anastasia Sartan (Trends Brands) and Ulric Jerome (Pixmania). Vladimir Kholyaznikov told the audience how they became the leading premium shopping club in Russia. Anastasia Sartan shared her vision on Trends Brands as a 'high fashion – low price' company, using viral and social marketing as cornerstone of their business development. Ulric Jerome shared his experience in taking his 10-year old company to 26 markets, making necessary adjustment in each new market.

Mobile trends were discussed by Michael Schneider (Mobile Roadie) and Marc Sommer (MTS). Michael Schneider stressed the growing role of mobile gadgets: an average consumer checks out his phone every 6,5 minutes, and spends 94 minutes a day using various mobile applications. Marc Sommer discussed some characteristics of the Russian mobile market (for example, the higher price of smartphones compared to other markets) and shared some interesting products MTS is bringing to its customers in Russia.

During his interview with Vincent Ducrey, the Russian media celebrity Sergey Minaev told the audience how he manages his several projects (the live show, books, blogs) and shared with the audience his vision of «the Russian way of tweeting».

At the end of the conference, the audience was presented with the Startup Rout - two French and five Russian startups in the field of digital luxury. The Russian startups were competing with each other, and both the offline and online audience had the chance to cast their vote for the best startup. TagBrand became the winner of the Russian Startup Rout, and was awarded an AR.Drone by Nicolas Helftermeyer (Parrot) himself.

Organizers of La Conference Luxe & Digital were pleased with the results of their collaboration.

Dmitry Repin, General Director of Digital October Center: “Migration of customers in the social networks makes it imperative for the brands to adapt their communication strategies for the current digital realities. For luxury brands that primarily sell the image and the 'legend', digital environment opens up new possibilities to build vitally important targeted and multimedia components for the dialog between the brand and the customer”.

Vincent Ducrey, founder of HUBFORUM: “European experience and particularly French practices show that for the luxury brands, the internet is an effective commercial tool, showroom, and a way to form the pool of the brand advocates comprised of loyal clients. I am glad that La Conference Luxe & Digital is set to become an annual event that will gather here European and Russian professionals in the fields of communication, marketing, and fashion”.

For more information, please contact:
Vincent Ducrey, founder of HUBFORUM (;
Maria Adamian, curator at Digital October (, +7 909 992 8002);
or visit


The Hub Management Executive Forum is an annual event for decision makers to meet the best communication experts of the moment – both inside and outside of France. HUBFORUM Paris is held annually since 2010. La Conference Luxe & Digital is HUBFORUM’s the first event outside of France.

Digital October Center is the leading private tech hub, located in the historical center of Moscow. It is s a place for globally minded technology entrepreneurship community. Digital October both organizes and hosts a number of education programs and international conferences, including TechCrunch Moscow, Life in Technology, DLD Moscow, Knowledge Stream project and a number of others. 



09:00 Welcome сoffee

10:00 Introduction
Dmitry Repin (Digital October), Vincent Ducrey (HUBFORUM), Vladimir Dolgov (Google Russia)

10:15 How does digital become luxury?
Chris Steven (VigodaVip)

10:40 Russian digital landscape
Tatyana Khandurova (comScore)

11:00 Virtual front row. New media in event marketing
Fireside talk with Alexander Shumsky (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia)

11:30 Coffee break

11:45 Digital luxury. Fashion
Alison Lewis (Agent of Presence), Nicolas Chemla (TBWA), Oleg Naumov (KupiLuxe), moderator Emmanuel Vivier

12:30 Digital & entertainment. Global brands
Alexander Shulgin (, Katerina Markov (Universal Music), moderator Annina Svensson

13:15 Lunch

14:00 Opening of the afternoon session
Pavel Chinsky (CCIFR)

14:05 Digital luxury. Beauty
Georges-Edouard Dias (L’Oreal), Vladimir Dolgov (Google Russia), moderator Thierry Cellerin

14:45 Media & communication
Anna Shashlova (Axel Springer), Nicolas Halftermeyer (Parrot), Frédéric Winkler (JWT Paris), moderator Vincent Ducrey

15:30 Networking break

15:45 Marketing & eCommerce
Vladimir Kholyaznikov (KupiVIP), Ulric Jérome (Pixmania), Anastasia Sartan (founder and CEO, Trends Brands), moderator Emmanuel Vivier

16:30 Mobile trends
Michael Schneider (Mobile Roadie), Marc Sommer (MTS), moderator Annina Svensson

17:00 Coffee break

17:15 Startup rout. Startups à la Française
Opening of the rout: Anatole Miriouk (UBIFRANCE), Antoine Poissonnier (Collection Privée), Cyril Paglino (Wizee)

17:35 Startup rout. Startups à la Russe
Opening of the rout: Natalia Klimenkova (Ernst & Young)

18:30 Fireside chat with Sergey Minaev (MinaevLive)

19:00 Closing of La Conference
Courvoisier cocktail reception at Progress Bar


Vladimir Dolgov (Google Russia)

Vincent Ducrey (HUBFORUM)

Pavel Chinsky (CCIFR)

Nicolas Halftermeyer (Parrot)

Nicolas Chemla (TBWA)

Anastasia Sartan (founder and CEO, Trends Brands)

Marc Sommer (MTS)

Katerina Markov (Universal Music)

Georges-Edouard Dias (L’Oreal)

Chris Steven (VigodaVip)

Alexander Shumsky (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia)

Alexander Shulgin (


100000000000000039213617 show Georges-Edouard
Digital corporate director, L’Oréal
100000000000002217464642 show Katerina
Office of the CEO, Universal Music Group
100000000000003834816952 show Vladimir
Country Manager, Google Russia
100000000000001631159794 show Alexander
Founder, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia
100000000000002022354361 show Natacha
Executive Director, Founder & General manager Luxury Arts, TBWA
100000000000002567886067 show Alexander
100000000000002936113994 show Antoine
100000000000003082878454 show Vincent
Author, Le Guide de l’Influence; Director, HUBFORUM
100000000000004224915847 show Frederic
CEO, JWT Paris
100000000000003090806893 show Ulric
Executive Director, PIXmania Group
100000000000002551084704 show Anna
Online Projects Advertising Sales Director, Axel Springer Russia
100000000000001583487241 show Vladimir
E-Commerce Director, KupiVIP
100000000000001056053642 show Rory
Director Mobile Partnerships, Trip Advisor
100000000000000619663768 show Tanya
Business Development Director, comScore, Inc.
100000000000001762742281 show Nicolas
Head of Digital Marketing & e-commerce, Parrot
100000000000001641899576 show Michael
CEO, Mobile Roadie
100000000000003236084386 show Annina
Digital Entertainment Expert
100000000000002701981603 show Adrien
Co-founder and Chief Editor, East-West Digital News
100000000000000395424854 show Emmanuel
Digital Specialist, EmmanuelVivier.Com
100000000000000246937374 show Cyril
CEO, Wizee
100000000000003174932099 show Bertrand
100000000000000269737599 show Thierry
Executive Director,
100000000000000904797322 show Sergey
Author, Entrepreneur, TV Host
100000000000002539158924 show Natalia
Partner, Head of the Center for innovation and technology Ernst & Young
100000000000003053419047 show Chris
Project ideologist, VigodaVIP
100000000000001088138702 show Nicolas
International Strategy Officer, TBWA
100000000000001306650676 show Oleg
100000000000003665037962 show Pavel
General Manager, CCIFR
100000000000003703729647 show Alison
Founder, Agent of Presence
100000000000002272795821 show Marc
Director for Products and Innovations, MTS
100000000000003023603365 show Anastasia
Founder and CEO, Trends Brands

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