Scott Cohen. World Fame: inexpensive, high quality, not spam

February 13, 2012, 20:00 lecture


The global education project Knowledge Stream presented a remote lecture by Scott Cohen, founder of The Orchard, one of the largest companies in the world to sell digital content. Cohen's speech, "World Fame: inexpensive, high quality, not spam", was a continuation of the discussion on the future of communication.

On February 13th Scott Cohen, a professor at London Metropolitan University and a member of the British Phonographic Industry, told about how to effectively use new media in order to interest a wide audience in one's projects.  It was not be the first time that Digital October conference had heard proof of technological influences changing business paradigms.  To illustrate these new trends, Cohen discussed the road to fame of well-known representatives of the music industry, such as Lady Gaga. Scott focused on the practical aspects of this process, it was therefore made clear how much should be invested in a project and how much to spend in order to get the expected revenue.

The distribution company, The Orchard, was founded by Scott Cohen and Richard Gottehrer in June of 1997. After 15 years of successful work, there are company offices in 25 countries; The Orchard's catalogue contains more than three million songs. "There are endless options for a triumphant business model," says Cohen, "and if you cannot think of anything more interesting than the release of one album per year, then you urgently need to change something in your thought-process." What exactly must be changed and in what direction, we learned on Monday evening in Digital October's conference hall.


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