Roundtable: “How Social Media is Changing the World”

March 2, 2012, 17:30 round table

Today, social media is changing not only traditional journalism, as the film “Page One: Inside the New York Times” discusses, but reality all around us, down to specific political regimes––and almost everyone is talking about it, from Wired to Afisha magazines. How is new media making history, and will this history continue? What will replace the Twitter and Facebook revolutions? Is it possible to use this released online energy for peaceful purposes?

All these issues were discussed on March 2nd at around one table with journalists David Carr and Tim Arango of the NYT, and Russia media experts such as General Director Maksim Kashulinsky, GQ Russia Editor–in-Chief Michael Idov, and SKCG President Sergei Kuznetsov. The moderator of the discussion was Yuri Saprykin, editor-in-chief of the consolidated company Afisha Rambler.


The New York Times Journalists:

David Carr 
The famous American journalist and industry veteran has written about the media market for 25 years. A staff writer for The New York Times, he helms a column for the Business section, in which he writes about the media and its relationship with media gadgets, along with regularly writing for the Media Decoder blog. For several years, he has covered the Oscars for The New York Times. He has 330,000 followers on Twitter. 

Tim Arango
A media reporter with experience at major U.S. publications like Fortune Magazine and the New York Post, he has been a staff reporter for The New York Times since 2007, where for several years he led media business coverage. Since 2010, he has been the chief of The New York Times’ Baghdad bureau.



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