Digital Corporate Culture and Human Resources

May 26 – 27, 2012, 10:00 module

On May 26–27, at the Digital October center the EMBA program workshop, organized by the FOIL Business School took place. The workshop was dedicated to the problems of corporate culture and human resource management.

The meaning of culture for the management in business has been in-depth and clearly demonstrated due to the combination of FOIL business practice and classical education on junction of psychology and social sciences and re-presented by the leading expert in anthropology of the Saint-Petersburg State University. The place where the workshop was held — “Digital October” — allowed to comprehend the basic principles of the modern “technological community” culture and its difference from the classical examples of business administration.

The issues of communication among different cultures and subcultures of various companies, areas of business activity, cities that is different informational spaces have become obvious here for the participants of the workshop – entrepreneurs and top-managers – who came these days to Moscow from different Russian cities which are only approaching the contemporary high-tech entrepreneurial and media world. So the central theme of this two-day meeting was dedicated to the following questions: how to establish the interaction between media and technologies, how to use this interaction for the development of companies and how to maintain the identity of your own business.

During the seminar the participants have learnt how the culture influences the human behaviour and how it favours the development or changes of companies. The workshop has clearly demonstrated which instruments can help managers in their work.

The lecturers were:

  • Mikhaluk Olga — Anthropologist, Scientific Secretary of the Faculty of Psychology of the Saint-Petersburg State University, professor of the Department of Social Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, Saint-Petersburg State University.
  • Rozhdestvenskaya Natalia — Psychologist, Director, Business Consultant of the FOIL International Consulting Group.

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