Business: Full Speed Ahead

June 10, 2013, 20:00 lecture


On June 10, as part of its enlightening project Knowledge Stream and with the support of SAP, the Digital October Center organized a web conference with Bjarne Berg, a data analysis expert from SAP who runs the creation of data banks and solution implementation systems for Fortune 500 firms. He has also written an introductory book for the real-time business analysis system SAP HANA.

During the course of his lecture he explained how and why success on the market more and more depends on the ability to readily extract necessary information from huge sums of data, and also discuss the relevant technology and tools that were created to serve those purposes.

Bjarne Berg:

  • talked about how working with big data helps uncover new business models and implement wider-reaching solutions
  • uncovered how companies can optimize and keep a finger on the pulse of their operations using existing high-speed, real-time information analysis tools
  • presented cases along with demonstrations based on the stories of companies that use SAP HANA, a business analysis program with which he is intimately acquainted





637 show Yuri
Moderator, CEO of
640 show Vadim
Database&Technology Development Manager, SAP
638 show Victor
Director at Data Management Solutions, IBS
639 show Yegor
CTO, S7 Tour
641 show Vyacheslav
Vice-president, CIO, Tinkoff Credit Systems

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