Geoffrey Burnstock. New Properties of Cells. Effective Medicine

May 14, 2012, 20:00 lecture


On May 14th as part of Knowledge Stream, a lecture by one of the most quoted scholar of our time, Geoffrey Burnstock, took place. Geoffrey Burnstock is the president of Autonomic Neuroscience Center at the University College London Medical School and also the Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Purinergic Signalling. Dr. Burnstock has already spent decades studying the “fuel” for living cells, a molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). On the basis of that research, he made discoveries that can be used in the treatment of a variety of diseases and disorders.

At the Digital October center, professor Burnstock shared his invaluable experience and knowledge. He discussed the discovery of “purinergic nerve cells” and their application in modern medicine. Geoffrey Burnstock also presented evidence that nerve cells secreting ATP may be responsible for the communication between motor neurons and muscles. Modern medical developments in the protection against cancer have been based upon this research. ATP is able to destroy cancer cells, which may lead to the creation of drugs that can target a single organ or tissue and be used for the healing of wounds and much more.

A roundtable discussion by Russian experts continued Geoffrey Burnstock’s lecture.


100000000000001560282162 show Mikhail
Head of Regenerative Medicine Laboratory in MIPT, President of charity foundation "Science for Life Extension"
100000000000001375964156 show George
PhD in Medical Sciences, professor, Head of Radioisotopic Research Methods Laboratory in Pharmacology Scientific Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
100000000000000314696631 show Oleg
PhD in Medical Sciences, professor, Head of the Department of Pharmacology of the Moscow State University
100000000000004195621806 show Asya
Scientific journalist, moderator
100000000000001874913101 show Konstantin
Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, PhD in Biological Sciences, professor, Head of laboratory of cellular biology of V. Orekhovich Research Institute of Biomedical Chemistry

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