Know More: How to launch a bar, cafe, restaurant and to make it successful?

December 7 – 10, 2016, 10:00 lecture

Digital October hosted a super-intensive course called "YOUR BUSINESS: Bar and cafe" organized by educational project KNOW MORE lectures. Main speaker of the course was Daniel Goldman, the founder of the Mitzva Bar and Bar Mitzva humusy, co-founder of Home Café "Puree".

Daniel is a successful caterer, the founder of the first and the only in the world cocktail bar Mitzva Bar. Despite his age, he has a huge experience as he launched his business in 2010.

Topics include: leaving your job to start your own business, what you need to know about the launch your own restaurant, and why not to fight for a place in the city center. He will also be discussing all stages of opening successful business: from the concept to the cost recovery. 

During 4 studying days you will get detailed information on technical, commercial and legal aspects:

  • The types of the restaurant business;
  • Definition of the concept of the restaurant and sales channels;
  • Investment structure;
  • Phased opening plan (search space, choice of kitchen and bar equipment, selection, team selection, etc.);
  • Making the menu, selecting of positions;
  • Pricing (calculation and elaboration);
  • The structure of the FOT
  • Planning, reporting;
  • Taxes (types of the companies and structure).


For the listeners of the course a practical training is organized. Also you will have an opportunity to present and discuss your own project.

Entry to the course:

The number of places is limited

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