Web Analytics Club

June 19, 2012, 11:00 club

On June 19, Digital October held a session of the Web Analytics Club, organized by the AdLabs group of companies.

The organizers have designated this event as a “club,” as they consider such a format — an open exchange of information and experience among interested people — to be most appropriate for discussion of web analytics. The event was intended to show what problems bother a company’s clients, what problems they encounter, and what help they need.

In the friendly and informal setting of a business lunch, participants in the session were able to

  • Learn the rules and nuances of work with the Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrik systems.
  • See real cases from the practice of РА AdLabs web analysts.
  • Receive unique knowledge, detailed consultations, and useful gifts.
  • Give any question on the subject of web analytics to our specialists.

More can be learned about the sessions of the “club” here: http://seminars.adlabs.ru/doc/aclub/.

Session participants obtained answers to the questions

  • How can tools for analysis be intelligently chosen? Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrik?
  • How can calls be traced with the help of Google Analytics?
  • How can decisions be made properly on making changes to a website in order to increase its impact?
  • How can an advertising budget be properly distributed among advertizing platforms?

Session program

11:15–11:20 Welcoming statement.
11:20–12:00 Web analytics in practice: why analysis needs to be continually carried out. The result of long-term cooperation in the case of an internet store.
12:00–12:30 Tracing the sources of telephone calls. Methodology and problems.
12:30–12:45 Coffee break. Questions from participants.
12:45–13:30 “Websites are different...” Fundamental pluses and minuses of websites using examples.
13:30–14:00 Questions from participants. Communicating with experts.


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