A public lecture by Kevin Roberts, “The unreasonable power of creativity, that can change the world”

December 1, 2011, 20:00 conference

In the branding and advertising world’s there are well-tested schemes, but for some reason, some projects burst into life and remain in demand, and others – disappear forever. How do creative ideas work in business? How can brands create Loyalty Beyond Reason? What is the role of business in making the world a better place?

Kevin Roberts, CEO of iconic international creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi, answered these questions and explained how the creative idea can become the benchmark of successful business, using examples from his lifetime’s work with world leading brands including P&G (H&S, Olay, Ariel, Old Spice, Pampers), Novartis, Dirol Cadbury, Sony Ericsson, Google, Emirates, JTI.

Before joining Saatchi & Saatchi Kevin held senior roles at Gillette and Procter & Gamble in Europe and the Middle East, and at the age of 38 he became CEO of Pepsi Cola Canada. During his managing Pepsi beat Coca-Cola in Canada in the legendary confrontation between carbonated beverages. Kevin celebrated the victory, having shot a Coca-Cola vending machine right during the official celebration. His famous concept of “Lovemarks” is described in all marketing textbooks, and his book “Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands” explains how ideas, based on emotions, are able to inspire organizations and brands to achieve unqualified success.

Within the frame of the lecture Kevin presented the initiative of creative agency Saatchi&Saatchi Russia directed on development of creative business in Russia. The purpose of the project is to raise a level of startups in Russia, having emphasized their creative component, and also to prove that the strong creative idea is the same guarantee of success and recoupment for business project, as well as other economic indicators.

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