What kind of managers does culture need?

April 16, 2012, 20:00 round table


On April 16 a round table “What kind of managers does culture need?” was held at Digital October in the framework of a series of round tables of the RMA educational program Аrt Management and the Gallery Business.

Recently, participants in the market of contemporary art have been saying that quality management is an important link in the development of the cultural process. It is no secret that the Russian art market is yet very young, with only growth and development ahead of it: perfecting the work of institutes, raising the interest of the public in contemporary art, and discovering new artists. The effectiveness of development depends directly on the competence of art managers.

What must an art manager be like, and what problems will he encounter? What functions must he fulfill? In what way should he build interaction between the curator and the artist, and how should a synergistic effect be attained in their work together? How should relations with customers – business structures or private or state organizations – be set up?

To the discussion, there had been invited heads of museums, top managers if leading institutions of the art market, and representatives of relevant governmental departments: Fanna Balakhovskaya (art critique), Iosiph Bakshtein (head of the Moscow Biyearly of Contemporary Art), Ekaterina Vinnikova (acting director of RMA), Ilya Volf (general director of FineArtWay), Sergei Kapkov (head of the Department of Culture of the city of Moscow), Marina Loshak (art director of Proun gallery), Varbara Menikova (acting director of the Strelka institute of media, architecture, and design), Elena Panteleeva (director of the Vinzavod art center), Alisa Prudnikova (director of the Ekaterinburg filial of the State Center of Contemporary Art), Olga Sviblova (director of Multimediyaart-muzei), and Vasilii Tseretili (acting director of the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art).

Discussion moderatorNikolai Palazhchenko.


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