How to get into a good school?

December 20, 2014, 13:00 master class

The Esperanto Group is in on your secret!

We know you’re all about getting into a good school. And what about your kid?

Your child is knowledgeable, is driven, and perhaps even has an English, didactics, or jiu jitsu certificate. At some point you’d like to see him or her in a university on par with Moscow State University or Oxford. For now, however, he or she is looking at a step that is no less important: an entrance interview for a prestigious school.

Getting in helps build a crucial foundation for a career, which is why the panel needs to understand that your child is perfect for them.

Your child is nervous and asking what to expect. You can help by finding information, talking with a psychologist, and doing everything you can to get him or her ready, but most important is figuring out the secrets for how to get into that particular school.

They can vary:

  • What questions should you expect?
  • How should they be answered?
  • How do you relax?
  • How do you show off your best side?


Isn’t talking to a graduate of a prestigious foreign institution and study abroad specialist the best way to go about figuring that out?

If the admissions process is a lottery, Dmitry Serevsky, acclaimed and experienced expert in education and director at the Esperanto Group, can tell you how to pick the winning ticket.

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There is an admissions fee.

December 8-14: 750 rubles.

December 15-20: 1,000 rubles.


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