Building a Relationship with an Investor

November 5, 2013, 19:00 seminar

On November 5 Vitaly Vinogradov, cofounder of i-Accelerator and mentor to several young projects, spoke at API Moscow.

By profession a lawyer and expert in corporate rights and business development, he specializes in mergers and takeovers, having participated in the structuring of more than 20 investment agreements.

Vitaly talked about:

  • what can and cannot be settled by legally binding documents
  • how to come to agreements with new partners, primarily investors
  • how to stave off and settle disputes, as well as break away from partners
  • what is worth coming to an agreement on beforehand and how partner relations are developed at different stages of a business project.


API Moscow is the Moscow Technology Incubation Program’s first IT startup accelerator facility. Its goal is to assist in the development of innovative companies, venture funds, and educational and service-oriented organizations servicing growing IT companies in Moscow. The portfolio companies of accredited program partners (Russian and foreign investors, incubators, etc.) will be hosted at API Moscow, where they will be offered educational products, including seminars and courses on a variety of aspects of tech entrepreneurship.

API Moscow was founded by the Moscow Centre of Innovative Development with the support of the Moscow Department of Sciences, Industrial Policy, and Entrepreneurship at the Digital October Center of New Technology and Tech Entrepreneurship.


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