Roundtable: Personnel security through mass screening in Russian market conditions

February 9, 2012, 09:30 round-table

Everyone lies. Some people who lie also steal. Especially in the retail sector. The statistics speak for themselves: losses incurred by stealing employees are up to 70% of all losses incurred by theft––the other 30% are buyers. Your staff violates NDA (non-disclosure agreements) left and right, discloses confidential information, goofs off and demotivates others, sits on Facebook and VKontakte and even -- amazingly! -- GOSSIPS ABOUT THEIR BOSSES!

What should you do? How do you survive? How do you fight it? Hire new security guards, install cameras, encourage tattling, hold interviews with lie detector tests? How do you learn to hire normal, honest people?

On February 9th, HR and security directors from major Russian retailers talked about this over tea at a roundtable.


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