Natalia Sindeyeva Lecture: Cosmopolitanism

May 26, 2011, 19:00 lecture

At 7 PM on May 26, the Digital October Center hosted a lecture on “Cosmopolitanism,” organized by Jaguar.

Natalia Sindeyeva, the head of Rain TV: The Optimistic Channel, told the audience about modern understandings of cosmopolitanism. The lecture was devoted to current and aspiring cosmopolites, and the question of whether or not cosmopolitanism interferes with cultural identity.

Since childhood, Sindeyeva has believed that people can and should do a whole variety of things. Previously, she has worked at the evening show “Seagull,” as a producer of the 2x2 TV program, “A Thousand and One Nights,” and as general producer and sales manager for radio station Silver Rain. Today, Sindeyeva is the general director of Rain TV. She was the winner of the 2004 Russian Media Manager award and also made the list of the most beautiful people at Moscow’s May Fashion Festival.

The White Jaguar Era is a media project conceived of by the Jaguar brand to bring together fans of Jaguar cars and discuss the coming millennium, which Mayans call the White Jaguar Era.


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