The Ninth Managing an Audience and Marketing on the Internet Conference

March 21 – 22, 2013, 10:00 conference

On March 21 22, the ninth Managing an Audience and Marketing on the Internet conference took place in the Digital October center. Reports, seminars, and the exhibition Internet-Advertising 2013 awaited guests of the event.

Three sets of reports, round tables, and panel discussions were planned in the program of Target-2013.

Visitors of the conference learned:

  • how to properly plan an advertising campaign and what channels should be chosen proceeding from the interests of the target audience;
  • how, with the help of analytical instruments, mistakes that are a reason for low conversion of websites can be found and corrected;
  • whether there is money in the cellular segment of the market, and with what sort of product or service you can target it;
  • how not to miss the gush of negative information from competitors and ensure that your company has a solid reputation on the internet.

A special series of seminars, The Academy of Internet Advertising, was a new feature of the 2013 conference. Participants in the Academy received a class giving complex knowledge of the mechanisms of the operation of the market. Attendants of the class also got to know the basic tools for carrying out advertising campaigns and analysis.

The special exhibition Internet-Advertising 2013 will took place during the conference, during which it was possible to interact with representatives of advertizing agencies and contextual advertising systems, ask them questions, and obtain consultations.

The recording of the March 22nd eTarget round table "RTV Revolution  has it happened yet or not?"

The recording of the March 22nd eTarget section "The entire truth about automated advertisement administration systems."

The recording of the March 22nd eTarget round table "Who will save us from the endless love of advertisers for contextual advertisementss?"

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