Apps4All 4th International Mobile Developers’ Forum

October 11, 2013, 09:00

On October 11th at the Digital October Center, Apps4All and the Polilog Agency will bring together more than 1000 representatives of the mobile ecosystem, as well as specialists from major IT companies and leading industry experts.

Apps4All has invited representatives from the most high-profile Russian and foreign companies to speak at its 4th International Developers’ Forum. The list of companies includes Apple, Google, LG, Instagram, Microsoft, Huawei, MegaLabs, VympelCom, MTS, Rostelecom, Zoomby, the Mail.Ru Group, Facebook,, Yandex, Video International, SEOpult, and many more.

Event organizers have planned unique business offerings for their guests. The major discussion themes will be: “Cooperation Opportunities for App Developers and Wireless Carriers,” “Performance Marketing and Mobile App Promotion,” “AdCamp Presentation,” and “Mobile Banking.”

We’ll pay special attention to the topic of cooperation between app developers and wireless carriers. Forum attendees will meet with representatives of major wireless carriers to discuss opportunities to turn an additional profit by implementing new technologies, and will also examine the best case studies of mobile carriers utilizing APIs. As you’ll recall, Apps4All Summer Fest, which was devoted to the topic of cooperation between mobile carriers and developers, attracted a huge number of attendees, and, at the end of our discussions, representatives from “The Big Three” expressed their willingness to consider and analyze developers’ ideas in a task force setting.

The event organizers will put the spotlight on representatives from major corporations, who will be offering unique presentations specially designed for forum goers. In October, forum guests will be given the opportunity to discuss the particularities of designing for various app stores with high-ranking representatives from the corporations themselves: Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

During the “Performance Marketing” session, representatives from SEOpult, Google, and Apps4All will discuss how to best promote your app in the most popular stores and where to purchase traffic for it. As part of the session devoted to mobile banking, representatives from major banks (VTB 24, Alfa Bank, and Anchor) will share valuable information on implementing new technologies, as well as the advantages and capabilities of mobile banking.

In addition to hearing fascinating discussions, forum attendees will learn the results of the MoscowAppContest ’13, which highlighted apps developed to benefit the city of Moscow. The contest winner will receive 150 thousand rubles, a trip to Google’s Tel Aviv training campus for start-up founders and developers, and the opportunity to promote his app as an official service of the Moscow government.

You can register for the forum at the following website:


119072, Moscow, Bersenevskaya Naberezhnaya, 6, str.3

+7 (495) 003–16–16
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