Advanced Communication Skills in the Web and Software Business

June 25, 2011, 10:00 seminar

On June 25-26, the Digital October Center hosted a two-day training session on communication skills in the web and software business. The training was part of the project, “Psychology in IT: Effective Psychology, Conflict Resolution, and Body Language for Programmers, Managers, QA, and HR.”

Experienced programmer Vladimir Zheleznyak and psychologist Dmitry Snisar led the training.

Vladimir Zheleznyak wrote his first program in 1991 and has been working in commercial IT since 1999. He’s managed to try his hand at a variety of roles, from programmer to project manager. He has had 12 years of training in practical psychology and has been providing training for the last three years.

Dmitry Snisar is a professional psychologist with two advanced degrees. He has led more than 2,000 hours of training and is the creator of five training programs.

The workshop participants included business people, development directors, managers, and programmers. The primary objective of the event was to develop skills for savvy communication and working effectively as a team, both for and with introverts.

Training topics included:

  • Envisioning an objective with a result and setting goals;
  • The art of pleasing or the mechanics of charisma;
  • How to prevent problems at work instead of agonizing over stupidity and frequent mistakes;
  • Intelligent communication and making contact;
  • Nonverbal communication, reacting to stress, and behaving confidently;
  • Socratic dialogue or communication strategies;
  • Tools that impact listeners

And more.

All of the methods used in the workshop have been repeatedly tested through practice and corroborated by academic research. The creators offer money back if their training methods prove ineffective.

After the event, participants were invited to join a Skype group to discuss business cases and to take part in a Skype conference about the training. Participants also received video presentations, self-instructional material, and certificates.


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