ISEE Marketing. A Seminar with Alexei Ivanov

June 7, 2012, 09:00 seminar

On June 7, Digital October held a seminar led by one of the founders, and a leading expert, of the agency ISEE Marketing Alexei Ivanov (pictured).

In the seminar, heads and owners of companies were able to obtain a large volume of practical information, which will allow them to move the effectiveness of attracting clients to a new level. All the information presented in the framework of the seminar is based on 13 years of practical experience of carrying out advertising campaigns of websites and internet stores. The presentation was accompanied by examples and concrete recommendations regarding projects of seminar participants.

“The subject of the electronic business is so dynamic that only continuously engaged specialists are able to present actually up-to-date information. But not many are ready to share their secrets. The seminar of Alexei Ivanov is a unique case in which a long-time and successful specialist is ready to tell you something that you will be able to use in practice tomorrow. Alexei Ivanov is not only a specialist on promoting websites; he is also a leading expert of the well-known agency ISEE Marketing, which many famous companies entrust with their services. It is always interesting to listen to Alexei — both for an expert on electronic business and for someone who is starting his business on the Web”— says Timofei Shikolenkov, Marketing Director of Machiavelli Luxury Group (


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