ISEE Marketing. Seminar by Aleksey Ivanov

April 4, 2012, 09:00 seminar

On April 4th Digital October hosted the seminar by Aleksey Ivanov (pictured), one of the founders and leading expert of ISEE Marketing agency.

The seminar gave the opportunity for managers and owners of internet-shops to get a lot of practical information that can be helpful in increasing the efficiency of customers attraction.

Timofey Shikolenkov, Marketing Director of Machiavelli Luxury Group (, says: “E-commerce is so much dynamic sphere that only practitioners could present really actual information. But not much of them eager to share the information. Seminar held by Aleksey Ivanov is a unique case. The expert with long and successful practice will share his experience, which could be used by you at your activities straightaway. Aleksey Ivanov is not only specialist on site promotion, but also the leading expert of well-known ISEE Marketing agency, the clients of which are the most notable companies. Aleksey Ivanov is always interesting to hear for both e-commerce experts and those who only start their web business”.

You can find detailed information on the seminar at agency’s website


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